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How To Detox Your Body

I have never been interested in fad diets.  In fact, I hate the word diet. Because I could never understand why I would want to deprive myself, knowing full well that I would end up going back to my old habits the SECOND that diet was over. I'm a food lover by...

An Unexpected Lesson From Yoga

Here's what I hoped I would get out of signing up for the free Yoga class at my gym: -Increased flexibility -A quieted mind -And that ever elusive 'Yoga Bod' But what I've actually received is something much greater than all of this. You see, in a nutshell, yoga was...

How To Deal With Family Guilt Over The Holidays

If you struggle with major guilt and pressure from your family over the holidays, first off, join the club.  This quote is for you.... "The holidays are really for children and aging parents, the rest of us in between just have to suffer." Ain't it the truth? I used...

The Beauty of Breaking Out Of Your Shell

Something kind of exciting has been happening lately... I've been breaking out of my shell and expanding my social circle.  And if I'm being honest, it's kind of intoxicating..... To understand why this is a big deal, you should know that I was lucky enough to grow up...

The Story Behind Nail Swag: Not Your Average Manicure

Natalie Martins is the ultimate girl boss, CEO and founder of Nail Swag, who travels around the world as part of Ariana Grande's beloved glam squad. She also happens to be hilarious, the life of the party, and a dear friend of mine. We sat down for lunch this past...

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