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It’s safe to say that most people can appreciate a beautiful view.  Clean air and water doesn’t hurt either!

Even the most indoors-y person can find something they like about nature. Albeit, admiring from a distance far, far away.

There’s a lot of talk these days about what we can do to protect our ecosystem. I think the general public can agree that at least some changes need to be made to protect mother nature.

After all, it would be nice if we could leave a little greenery for our future generations to explore.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio who are super passionate about the environment have the means to make changes on a quite a large scale. In fact, he really takes it to another level.

Leo’s home (or should I say, one of his homes) is completely solar powered.  DiCaprio even has organic sheets and water efficient toilets installed.  Not to mention, he’s currently in the process of building an eco-friendly resort in Belize.


With so much innovative thinking, you think he could have figured out that there was enough room for both him and Kate on that wooden plank in the ocean.

But I digress…

We can’t all be famous celebrities and donate a vast amount of our lives or income to the cause. But luckily, we don’t have to be.

All it takes are some simple tweaks to our daily routines.

Even the most apprehensive person can find an eco-friendly alternative they can adopt for the sustainability of our planet!

Take a look below and see what you can do! 





You’ve probably heard of this one before, but have you found a reusable bag that you love yet? Or do you find yourself constantly forgetting to bring them inside with you?

Don’t we all have that shameful drawer or cabinet in our kitchen that is bursting at the seams with bags? If that’s just how our cabinet looks, multiply that by the 7 billion people in the world and imagine how much waste that creates? 

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually. This requires an estimated 12 million barrels of oil to make that number of plastic bags.

In addition, it can take up to 1000 years for plastic bags to degrade. Some studies even estimate that the equivalent of 1 dump truck full of plastic enters our ocean every minute.

And paper bags aren’t much better. 14 million trees are cut down each year in the U.S. alone to make paper bags

I recommend these fold-able/washable reusable grocery bags to help!  They come in 5 different colors- and the best part is, you can easily fit them in your pocket or purse!

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OK- think about how many straws you use in a day.

It could be in your morning smoothie, favorite iced beverage at Starbucks, or in the diet coke you ordered with lunch.  Whatever your vice may be, you are probably drinking it with a straw.

Over 500 million plastic straws are used each day in the United States.  These straws are non-recyclable and take forever to breakdown.  In fact, it takes 200 years for plastic straws to break down into toxic particles which are then ingested by the sea animals we eat. 

To help reduce this kind of waste, and keep plastic out of the bellies of our favorite sea-creatures, you can do one of two things:

    • Decide to #skipthestraw

    • Buy reusable straws and keep them on deck

Shop Here For: Reusable Straws

These reusable straw sets come in silicone and stainless steel. They also come with a handy-dandy cleaning brush to help keep your straws clean.

Try using one of these straws next time you are drinking your beverage of choice. Or skip the straw all together if you’re brave.


Did you know you are actually doing a solid for the environment by shopping online?

I know I’m probably twisting your arm here, but scientists are backing this theory.

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics studied the carbon footprint in different parts of the shopping process, for different types of consumers. Their study concluded that shoppers who complete every step of their transaction online (browsing, comparing, returning etc), will have a carbon footprint almost two times less than traditional in-store shoppers.

Packaging and delivering the items purchased online did not outweigh the impact of a customer commuting back and forth to the store.

Another key factor was customer location. The farther away you are from a store, and the less efficient your transportation, the better off you are shopping online.

So there you have it shoppers, the universe is finally unfolding as it should.


If you are someone who purchases their coffee or tea every day in a disposable cup, you are unfortunately contributing to a hell-of-a-lot of waste per year.

Investing in an insulated cup that you can reuse will not only cut-down your carbon footprint, but it will keep your beverage the perfect temperature longer. 

I love my stainless steel mug because it goes with everything, and has a sleek, sophisticated look.  Also, it adds a certain element of mystery. 

What’s in that cup you’re always carrying around?  Is it espresso? Chai Tea? Vodka? 

The point is, no one needs to know because it is your special cup!   


#MeatlessMondays anyone?

It turns out ditching meat one day each week can be a great way to help the environment! Studies measure that a quarter pound of beef is equal to 460 gallons of water. 

Also, the amount of methane and other greenhouse gasses emitted by herds of cattle into the air doesn’t do our environment any favors either.

This method is a perfect excuse to get out of your routine and try out some new recipes!  (Another important thing to keep in mind: alcohol is vegetarian).

Just one day of being a vegetarian is good for your health and the Earth.

Need some inspiration? Check out these great sites or

As you can see, it doesn’t take giving up your worldly-possessions and wearing a burlap sack to become a champion of the environment!

Environmental sustainability can work with your busy schedule, it just takes some small adjustments.

I predict that making these modifications will leave you with a sense of pride. Because honestly, it feels good to be working towards the greater good of our global community with others.  

Try your best to see what’s right for you. When it comes to ‘going-green’, every effort counts!