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As a true homebody who values comfort and drinking wine on the couch in my favorite ‘boobie pants’ — Netflix was made for me.

(I call them my boobie pants because the elastic waist band on my sweatpants rides up so high, they literally reach the bottom of my boobs.)

With access to every genre at my fingertips, why would I ever want to leave my nest? I mean, I never wanted to leave my house before, but Netflix has given me an amazing excuse to stay in.

Netflix has changed the game, and the way our culture consumes media. Netflix made binge-watching possible.

But I don’t have to convince you, you already know this for yourself!

However, even in all it’s glory, Netflix isn’t perfect.  Let’s be honest, with such a large inventory, there are some shows and movies on there that kind of….. well, suck.

I don’t want you to waste your time exploring new Netflix shows, only to be bored or dissapointed by what you’ve just watched.  You will never be able to get that time back!

All the while wondering if there was a better show out there that you could have been watching instead…

So I’ve done the legwork, and I’ve got some shows and series for you that will rock your socks off and are an absolute must-watch on Netflix right now!



Netflix Original Crime TV Series/ 1 Season/ 10 Episodes

Something you may or may not know about me is that I am pretty much a criminal profiling expert. Anyone else who is a dedicated fan of Law and Order SVU, I know you are right there with me! If you also have a morbid interest in serial killer mindset, you MUST watch this series!

In my opinion, Mindhunter takes the cake over both Making a Murderer and True Detective (yes, even season 1).

This chilling crime TV series dates back to the 1970s before serial killers were studied. (I guess they used to think it was too weird to talk about… whatever). The characters in this show are pioneers in laying the foundation and creating what we know today as criminal science.

Season 1 digs deep into the stories of notorious serial killers such as: Ed Kemper (The Co-Ed Killer), Monte Ralph Rissell, Jerry Brudos (Shoe Fettish Slayer), Richard Speck, Darrel Gene Devier, and ultimately sets the preliminary scene for Dennis Raider (BTK) to start his crime spree.

It gets dark, it gets twisted, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m into it.

The lead character, Holden Ford, starts off as such an adorable under dog, you can’t help but root for him!

The casting, character development, camera work, lighting and storytelling combined make this series perfection.

Even my boyfriend, who is nowhere near as into crime shows as I am, was totally hooked on this show!

Season 2 is set to start filming this year and will most likely be released on Netflix at the very end of 2018- and I can’t flippin’ wait.



Netflix Original Docuseries/ 1 Season/ 6 Episodes

Woah nelly, this true story about a high profile cult taking over the wilderness of Oregon in the 80s blew my freaking mind. I have no idea how I’ve never heard of this story before?!

Wild Wild Country tells the story of a cult-leader based in India in the 60s and 70s who ultimately moves his people to the United States to build their own commune and supposedly live in harmony.

But of course, things start to go wrong– very wrong.

The cult leader, his followers, and name of their religion can be difficult to keep track of, so here’s the breakdown:

    • Cult Leader: Better known as Osho, Bhagwan (bac-wan) or Rajneesh. He is literally Snoop Dogg’s Indian Doppleganger

    • Evil Side-Kick: Sheela was his personal secretary and ran the show. She was a driving force throughout this docuseries and was in charge of PR and Press Appearances for the Rajneesh movement.  (Although Sheela shows her true colors and is by all definitions, evil; she is surprisingly powerful and outspoken for a woman during this time which I found completely captivating)

    • Movement or Religion: Rajneesh

    • Followers: Sannyasins

You have to see it to believe it- but this amazing true story will have you shook.



Netflix Original Reality TV/ 1 Season/ 8 Episodes

Yasss Queen, If you were a fan of the original series Queer Eye for The Straight Guy back in 2003-2007 you will absolutely love the new Netflix Original Series remake — Queer Eye.

I thought it couldn’t get any better than the original 5, but lightning has struck twice people!

It’s the same premise as before: 5 fabulous gay men come in and make-over some hopeless-looking straight dudes; but the casting, commentary and makeovers are the perfect frosting on this rainbow cake. 

Here are the new Fab Five:

  1. Jonathan Van Ness: Grooming (Fierce, extra and hilarous- Jonathan delivers the laughs and one-liners)
  2. Karamo Brown: Culture (Swaggy and spice and everything nice)
  3. Bobby BerkInterior Design (Cute blonde one who is way too busy renovating everyones homes in a week to engange in frequent interviews and shenanigans; but his style is on point) 
  4. Tan France: Fashion (Adorable teddy- bear fashionista who must has some secret magic to get his hair to stand up so effortlessly)
  5. Antoni Porowski: Cuisine (The cutest little cutie there ever was; so handsome and wholesome you just want to squeeze his cheeks) 

This show has depth, humor, style and sass and somehow, I end up crying every episode. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t learn any new fashion/design/grooming tips for myself. 

Turn it on, have a laugh, have a cry and find yourself desperately wanting to be best friends with the Fab 5.



NBC TV Series/ 1 Season/ 18 Episodes

Freaks & Geeks is a mysterious one-hit-wonder series, and the fact that it only had 1 season will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life!

OK- that might be a little dramatic, but it seriously makes no sense why this show only had 1 season. And trust me, I’ve given it a lot of thought over the years.

(I‘ve come to the conclusion that it had to be some sort of behind-the-scenes drama because the show itself is too good).

Even Time Magazine, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly have all put this show on their list of Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

This comedy series produced by Judd Apatow fully captures the awkward high school years and the struggle to find your place.

It originally aired on NBC in 1999 but guess what?…. It’s finally made a comeback on Netflix so we get to enjoy the nostalgia one more time!

To sum it up- Freaks & Geeks follows Lindsey Weir– a smart, well-manored high school student who befriends (and totally starts to crush-on) the slacker “freaks” at school. Truthfully, she doesn’t quite fit in with her new “freak” friends, but she definitely doesn’t fit in with her old Mathlete squad either.  So it becomes a comedic journey of self-discovery as she tries to figure it all out.  

Meanwhile, her younger brother Sam is an adorable, quintessential 82-pound geek who is also trying to survive his high school years alongside his super-nerd tribe.

You’ll see stars like Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini who launched their careers, and obviously all became successful actors in their own right, after this TV show.

Should we start a petition to get this show a second season? It just seems like the right thing to do…



Netflix Original TV Series/ 1 Season/ 10 Episodes

Ozark is another crime-filled thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat! There are definitely some Breaking Bad vibes here, so if you loved that show, you’ll be super down to watch Ozark too.

Jason Bateman plays the lead character, Marty, who was a practical & ethical financial adviser that initially tried to get himself out of a sketchy situation brought on by his business partner. But before you know it, Marty goes down the rabbit hole and starts to lead a life of organized, intelligent crime (in this case: money laundering) to try and please the Mexican Cartel.

Who doesn’t love a good-boy gone bad with a broken moral compass?  

Marty ultimately has to move his family from Chicago to a red-neck filled, spring break centered town in the Missouri Ozarks; which presents all sorts of odd run-ins and challenges.   His wife and kids enevitably figure out what’s going on and join in on the illegal fun, and it turns into a family affair!

His relationship with his wife is especially interesting as they give you flashbacks and suggestions of betrayal and infidelity in their seemingly cookie-cutter relationship.  Initially, they stay together for appearances and lead separate lives.  But towards the end of the season, it almost looks like have recognized the worst in each other and might try to make their marriage work?

This series gives you supsense, surprises, calculated-crime and an ever developing plot line that makes it totally binge-worthy.

I binge watched season 1 in a couple of days and I’ve been dying for the next season.  Season 2 is set to release in Fall of 2018 and you know I will be tuning in.

After watching these shows, you will want to run and tell everyone you know!

Some will leave you speechless, some will bring back childhood memories, and others will leave you doing the ugly cry alone in your living room; but most of all these shows will make you feel something.

If a show doesn’t evoke a certain feeling or emotion, just move on!  Because there are too many good ones out there to waste your time viewing anyting else!

I will continue to send awesome recommendations of the Netflix shows I can’t get enough of on this site.  So if you like what you watched above, stay tuned for more.