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I’ve always had sensitive skin.

And my skin only seems to be getting more sensitive the older I get. (what a gift!)  

Eczema flare ups, allergic reactions and all around dryness and sensitivity… you name it!  Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do with my spare time if all of a sudden my skin started to behave!

When you have dry, sensitive skin, It’s hard to find good skin products out there.  And I’m always scared to try a product for the first time.  Never sure if I’m going to wake up the morning with some sort of reaction!  

For this reason, I tend to gravitate towards natural skincare products.

First of all, I like being able to pronounce all the ingredients in a product that I’m putting on my body.  There’s something about it that just puts my mind at ease.

Second, I like the idea of using products that are environmentally conscious.  Most of these natural products are eco-friendly and practice good policy for manufacturing as well.

Below are the products I use on my crazy sensitive skin, that I see amazing results from, and am totally obsessed with!  

If you also suffer from sensitive skin and want to learn about some new, great products that actually work,  read below!   



Vitamin C Serum is something that I use to brighten my skin, reduce sun damage and just improve its overall appearance.

Start off by using it every couple of nights, see how your skin feels and then go from there!

Im kind of obsessed with Mad Hippie products (now sold on Amazon, score!). Everything from their sensitive skin friendly products, to their packaging and fragrances has me hooked.

The best part about Mad Hippie is that it’s an incredibly high quality product that’s vegan and cruelty free….all for a really affordable price.  Even Victoria’s Secret models swear by this product.

And what I especially love about Mad Hippie is their unique active ingredients which they back with explanations,  scientific studies and proof.

They make it very clear what the put in their products, and more importantly, why they work!

Love it.



You will love the feeling of washing your face with this cream cleanser, especially if you have dry skin!

It doesn’t lather or use harsh chemicals like some other brands.  It’s also AMAZING for removing stubborn eye make up.  You can rub it in on the more sensitive areas around your eyes and it doesn’t burn.

My skin feels happy and smooth after every wash.  And another one of my favorite things about this product is their use of Orchid Extract.  Ever notice how orchids seem to have an extended shelf life compared to other flowers around it?  Yeah, that’s how I want my skin to be….

Orchid extract is commonly believed to contain a property that slows the flower’s degeneration, which allows the orchid to bloom for dramatically longer than other flowers.

Plus it smells freaking amazing!



Lush makes incredible skin care products, but this face wash is hands down my favorite!

It has a unique texture made up of clay, ground almonds, lavender, rose and chamomile oils.  It’s helpful to roll a small ball in your hands (before they get wet) and take it with you in the shower so you can really get a good exfoliation going!

This chunky cleanser leaves skin calm, balanced, soft and smooth.  Honestly, my skin is refreshed, radiant and relaxed (no redness) after using this product.

And of course, it’s so gentle, anyone can use it!

It looks like they don’t sell it on Amazon anymore but you can check it out here!




I use this face mask whenever I break out in acne, or feel like it’s time for my skin to have a deep cleaning!

It seems to suck all the impurities right out.

Directions say that you can mix the powder with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar.   I’ve tried both, and I do like the smell of apple cider vinegar more, but I still always mix water in there with it!

Be prepared for your skin to be a little red after using (not irritated, but just a little pink)!  So I like to use it at night before I go to sleep so when I wake up the redness is gone and my skin is glowing!



When they say all purpose skin cream… they really mean it!

It’s more of an ointment than a cream if you ask me; with the consistency similar to vaseline.

I’ve used this product my whole life for many different purposes!

It’s pretty magical when it comes to preventing scars.  I used to play sports and always had tons of scrapes and cuts all over my body.  I used this to prevent hundreds of scars from forming… which I am so grateful for now!

In the same sense, it could definitely be used for stretch marks.  It’s by no means a cure all for those annoying lines on your skin, but if they are “blue” and new, I’ve noticed that it can help alleviate the stretching process!



This bar uses charcoal and jojoba beads to draw out impurities and gently exfoliate your skin to feel nice and smooth!

It’s also infused with natural peppermint oils which gives it an invigorating scent and leaves your skin with a tingly sensation.  I love to keep this in the shower and use it on my face and body after going to the gym.

My boyfriend also loves it because it can be a one stop shop; face and body cleanser in one simple bar!  Why do men love that so much, like shampoo and conditioner in one?

I recommend keeping this in the shower and using it a couple times a week. Easy, simple and safe!

As frustrating as it is to always have to ‘baby’ my uber-sensitive skin, it has made me realize how important it is to take good care of body.

I’m happy that now I only put high-quality, natural products on my skin because of it.  Because honestly, it makes my skin look and feel it’s best.

I am obsessed with finding great products out there (that don’t irritate my skin) to prevent early signs of aging and dull looking skin.

What natural skin products do you use?  I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the above!! 

Love always, xoxo C