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‘I am never drinking ever again’- says pretty much everyone when they have a hangover.

But what if you didn’t HAVE to be so hungover?  What if there was something you could do to prevent that dreadful feeling….. big time?

Well, what I’m going to share with you below has done EXACTLY that for me!!

Let me start off by saying that my hangovers used to be no joke.   I suffered from earth shattering headaches, extreme nausea and the classic shakesAnd they were never in proportion to what I drank the night before (ugh)!  Sometimes I’d fall ill after having 3 glasses of wine, and sometimes it was because I stayed up until 3am drinking tequila (well, I kind of expected those hangovers).  

I was always outweighing the pros and cons of going out to drinks with friends because I couldn’t afford to be a hott mess the next day. 

Sometimes, I wouldn’t even be able to keep any food down until well into the next night.


Not anymore though. Nope, not for me!  

I used to think there was no hope for me, but that’s not true!  I’ve finally found the perfect remedy to stop my hangover in it’s tracks.  The products below are game changers!  

Because of these 3 things, I don’t have to give up my social life to lead a “productive life” as well.  I can do it all!

So I really encourage you to  read below if you’re sick of suffering from hangovers and wasting an entire day (or maybe even days) because of alcohol!




This. drink. is. everything.

It was invented by a super smart former Tesla engineer who just gets it!  What a hero.

Not to get too “sciency” on you but Morning Recovery uses DHM (extracted from a Japanese raisin tree) to break down toxins released from alcohol.  It also helps with the “rebound” affect alcohol has on your brain.  Including headaches, sluggishness or fog.

And it REALLY works.

No but, I’m for real.  It seriously works!

I did my own scientific study last Thanksgiving.  It was a very intricate experiment, but basically, I drank myself silly.  I drank in the name of science!

After that, all I did was chug one of these before bed, and BOOM no hangover.

It was really that easy, and that magical.

The only thing I will warn you about this drink is that it is packed with vitamins and supplements.  I discovered that drinking an entire serving was a little too much for me and my stomach.

So now I just drink half of one (share it with a friend) and mix it with some water.

I am forever grateful that this drink exists.



Everyone probably knows the old “Pedialyte” hydration trick after a night of drinking….

Call me crazy, but I don’t actually enjoy the taste of Pedialyte; a drink designed for babies with diarrhea.

So why put yourself through that when you don’t have to?  Instead of chugging a massive amount of liquid, why not take a tablet filled with electrolytes instead?  It’s so much easier, and in my opinion, more effective!

I discovered electrolyte pills when I was working for the Bachelor and filming ‘Bachelor in Paradise” in Mexico one hot summer.  We purchased a million of these for the crew to prevent dehydration.  It was much easier to have these pills around than a massive amount of gatorade.

They worked like a dream.

Then one night, it hit me….. wait a minute, I could use these for HANGOVERS!

If I was going to drink that night, I would take an electrolyte pill with water right before bed and wake up golden the next day.

I’d recommend this method for more moderate drinking.  For example, I can have that extra glass at dinner and not have to worry if I take some electrolytes the same night.

So much better than a stomach full of sugary, gross tasting liquid!



Eating greasy food to cure a hangover is soooo 2008.

Pho is the BEST food to eat for hangover.   And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Greasy food makes you feel good for a brief period in time, but pho makes your stomach happy for the long haul.

It’s hearty enough to keep you full and satisfied, but not so much so that you feel gross with an already upset, hungover stomach.

But it’s how the broth is made that makes it perfect for hangovers!  It actually replenishes electrolytes lost after a night of drinking.

You can make it as mild or as spicy as you want.  Totally customizable and delicious.

I eat pho at least once a week but I never miss a beautiful bowl of this soup after I drank the night before.  There’s nothing else like it for hangovers!

After reading this list, I hope you are excited to try these methods out for yourself!  Because I know from personal experience how much they have changed my life!

The first option, Morning Recovery, is the real deal.  If there’s a night where you’re out taking shots, this is what you need to prevent a hangover.

Restoring electrolytes will always be a key part in hangover maintenance.  So why drink extra calories and fill up on a drink that tastes terrible when you don’t have to?

And eating a big, bowl of noodle soup will always be the cherry on top of your recovery.

I understand that you’re a busy person, and you’ve got sh*t to do, so don’t waste ANOTHER day hungover, when you could be out and about getting it handled!


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