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I am happy being a low, to medium, maintenance girl.

After all, I only have so much time, effort and money I’m willing to dedicate to my beauty routine each day.

Plus, it just seems like A LOT of work to stick to a very extensive beauty routine.

When I see someone who’s perfectly put together in every way possible in the frozen food section at the grocery store, I honestly get tired just looking at them.  I can only imagine how much time it must take them to get ready in the morning?!

(seriously, is it as exhausting as it looks? I need to know!)

As much as I totally respect their game, I cannot compete.  I just don’t have that in me.  If the stars so align and I happen to get my hair done AND treat myself to a manicure in the same month… I’m feeling bougie as hell!

But with that being said, I still want to look good.  Low-maintenance good…..effortlessly good.

So my beauty mantra has become this:  I want to nurture my skin at the source, rather than finding ways to cover it up later!  I do this because I believe it ultimately saves me time and money in the long run.

You know like, instead of buying all sorts of air fresheners to cover up the smell, why not just take out the trash?

That’s what I’m all about.  

So I will continue running errands in my sweatpants, messy buns and flip flops.  All because I’ve got my lazy girl beauty routine down!




Whitening my teeth is like my secret, low maintenance, weapon!

Every time I feel like my look could use a little refresh, but I’m not exactly sure what I should do… I whiten my teeth.  When our teeth are white, our skin looks better, our smiles are brighter and it can give your face that extra glow.

Whiter teeth can make you look healthier and more vibrant too!  Even if you’re hungover and just drove through Taco Bell, your teeth will look like they just got back from a vacation in Hawaii.

This coconut charcoal powder is natural and highly effective for whitening teeth, FAST.  It’s an easy way to polish up your look while you brush your teeth every night.

I mean, you were going to brush your teeth anyway (right?), might as well kill two birds with one stone!



Spraying this rose water on my face after the shower makes me feel like I am killing the beauty game.  Why?  Because I know the 3 active ingredients in this spray pack a big punch of beauty into a couple of quick sprays.

Coconut Water– Excellent for instantly rehydrating the skin and providing a new glow.

Hibiscus Flower- Contains Malic + Citric Acid which naturally exfoliates and speed up cell turnover, which results in a more even skin-tone.

Rose- Hydrating, high in antioxidants, and perfect for reducing redness and inflammation.



Sometimes our skin is just more cracked and dry than normal.  So much so, that an average pumice or exfoliant just won’t do the trick anymore.

I was struggling with how to get the cracked skin on my feet under control until I came across this cream.

Before I started using this, I used to get foot envy of other girls wearing sandals with perfectly moisturized heels… (Is that weird to say out loud?  Is that even a thing?)

But c’mon, when our feet are looking dry, cracked and unkept, it honestly just looks gross.

However, this cream is an easy solution to an annoying problem!  It will also work on dry elbows and knees, so it’s not only for your feet.

Put it on at night before bed and you will see a difference in your skin!  Just using this one cream will solve it all!

So there you have it, using these 3 products regularly allows me to live the low maintenance lifestyle that I have become so accustomed to!

I can rock a no make-up Sunday look (OK, maybe Friday-Sunday… and sometimes Monday) because my teeth look nice and shiny, my skin is refreshed and there’s no extra dry skin lingering around. 

What are your beauty routine must haves?

With Love Always,